Influenza Vaccine

When is the flu vaccine recommended? It recommended from the CDC from 6 months till 8 years old 1- 2 doses per year. Then 9 onward for the rest of your life one dose per year. (cdcvaccineschedule)

From VAERS there have been 173,227 adverse events reported from the influenza vaccines since 1990. (See chart below)

Adverse events from vaccines are common but underreported, with less than one percent reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Low reporting rates preclude or delay the identification of “problem” vaccines, potentially endangering the health of the public. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed. (electronicsupportph)

Is the flu vaccine effective? This image is straight from the CDC. So as you can see it is not very effective each year.

Can there be serious complications from the flu? Yes of course. Can there be serious complications from the flu vaccine, absolutely!

Let’s look at the flu vaccine insert for this coming season 20-21….

“If GBS has occurred within 6 weeks following previous influenza vaccination, the decision to give Fluzone Quadrivalent should be based on careful consideration of the potential benefits and risks.” (flu vaccine insert)

“Throughout the study period, a total of 41 (1.4%) recipients in the Fluzone Quadrivalent group, 7 (1.0%) recipients in the TIV-1 group, and 14 (1.9%) recipients in the TIV-2 group, experienced at least one SAE.” (flu vaccine insert) A SAE is a Serious Adverse Event.

Good to be aware of the risks of a serious adverse event from the flu shot for your children.

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