Hi I am Kathryn : )

Hi friends I am Kathryn a Registered Nurse in Colorado. I am passionate about holistic & preventative health, plant based nutrition, and healing your body from the inside out. I believe that God made our body miraculously with the incredible ability to maintain optimal health & even heal themselves given the proper nutrition, exercise, nutrients, environment, love & care.

We have come a long way with medicine and medical advances for which I am very grateful, from antibiotics, trauma medicine, anesthesia etc… Our medical system does a fantastic job with ER medicine which is absolutely necessary in cases of accidents and trauma. I feel that with chronic long term health conditions the medical system does more of a bandaid or “management approach” instead of always rooting out the problem. They prescribe medications for just about every ailment: cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, ADHD, diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, pain killers…you name it.

Holistic medicine to me is a whole body approach to health. It is looking at all the systems of the body that work together instead of just the part of the body or the system that is diseased or having an imbalance. In order to restore and maintain the body in equilibrium one needs to be aware that all systems interconnect and what affects one system or part also affects the others.

I like to investigate the root cause of illnesses from: toxins in the body, inflammation, stress, diet, exercise & lifestyle. Preventative health is really important to me, if you can keep yourself from getting sick in the first place that is a huge win!

I also want to delve deep into vaccines! I will analyze and do a risk to benefit ratio for each vaccine under the incidences of diseases section. This will allow you to have more information to make a better informed decision. We will look at the potential negative effects that are not talked about as much. We will look into some scientific studies, inserts and also ingredients in the vaccines. Also of course covid info. Lastly and importantly, we will hear many personal stories from parents and other people that have personally been negatively affected by vaccines, or injured from them.

I am excited to delve into some of these topics that interest me on my page and glad you can join me on this journey!

((This is a personal blog with the expression of my own personal opinions, be sure to checkout my disclaimer.))