What is mRNA & What does it do in the Body?

I thought it would be great to explain a little more about mRNA and how it is activated, what it does and could there be unknowns about injecting mRNA into the human body?

The DNA is inside the cell nucleus and while mRNA is synthesized in the nucleus using the nucleotide sequence of DNA. It leaves the nucleus to deliver a ‘message’ to the cell to build specific proteins which takes place in the cytoplasm. Thus it’s name, messenger RNA.

The DNA gives directions to the cell through messenger RNA, which is how the DNA communicates to the cell to produce a protein.  In the instance of the Covid vaccine, one is injected with the mRNA, which directly gives the cell a message to produce a protein.  In the DNA there are genes, the genes contain instructions for making proteins.  When a gene is switched on mRNA is made which exits the cell nucleus and into the cytoplasm.  Ribosomes bind to the mRNA, reading it and then it produces a protein.  In the case of the Covid vaccine, this is called the spike protein.  Your cells are being programed through a vaccine to produce this part of the virus…..What could be the long term effects of this remains to be discovered….  (https://www.umassmed.edu/rti/biology/what-is-rna/)

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