The case against masks, by a religious Sister

“Man is called to love his neighbor and to be in communion with him. The mask obstructs the development of genuine community, which is the basis of human society: it muffles the human voice; it hides the human smile; it obscures the deeply human facial expressions which are integral to forming human friendships. Man is by nature a social animal. The spiritual dimension of man—the fact that he has a rational soul—is expressed most pointedly, profoundly, and truly in his face.” The case against masks, presented by a religious Sister in the form of an article from the Summa

This is a fantastic article to read, although long it articulates many aspects of why wearing masks is not an act of charity, or a work of mercy, or a necessity out of obedience. Definitely recommend reading the whole article above from where she goes through the 4 main arguments of wearing masks to refuting them all theologically.

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