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When my daughter was born we were still on the fence about vaccines although we had a strong feeling that we shouldn’t get her any. I had the dtap when I was pregnant with her.

When she was two months old we were coerced into giving her the PCV and Pediarix (a total of 6 vaccines). I was not allowed to hold her or breastfeed her for comfort. Instead I was told to pin her tiny arms to the table while one nurse held one leg and one held the other. She was screaming and crying and eventually I had my husband take over. I was a mess.

She was really lethargic for the week following her appt. Within days after she developed horrific eczema. We used to say, we could sand a deck with her legs, that’s how bad they were. Nothing helped either. I don’t remember specifically the time frame, but within I’d say a week or two she started developing these spots. They’d start out as red, raised bumps and turned into brown, almost freckle-looking bumps on her skin. Once there they never went away. She developed at least a dozen by her first birthday.

Our ex-pediatrician told us it was molluscum contagiosum but I didn’t buy it. She barely even looked at them. By the time she turned one. We had finally found a product to help with her eczema. It was a honey, oatmeal, and goat-milk soap blend for Bend Soap Company. We were able to clear up her eczema and for the last 3 years we haven’t had a flare up. At her 9 month appointment, after they figured out we weren’t going to continue the vaccines, we were forced to sit in a segregated waiting area, away from all other families.

At the 12 month mark, we got a letter mailed to us that said due to our negligence as parents, we were no longer welcome there. I called the office to talk to them about the letter and the nurse was extremely rude and degrading. A year and a half later we were still dealing with these mystery bumps. We talked to our new vaccine friendly pediatrician and she was clueless as to what they were but sent us to a dermatologist. There they deemed that she had Cutaneous Mastocytosis.

Essentially she had a multitude of mast cells that were building up on her skin causing these bumps. we had already started detoxing by then with epsom salt baths and spirulina. In the last 18 months we’ve only had one show up. She had probably 16-20 bumps on her skin. I never made the connection to the mast spots and vaccines until last summer. Although it’s not listed as an adverse reaction, cutaneous Mastocytosis can arise from allergen related foods/oils. There are plenty of those in vaccines and since she doesn’t have any food allergies, that’s the only thing that made sense.

Our second baby was born in 2019 and he has had zero vaccines. He’s never had eczema. No Mastocytosis. No illnesses. Both children have been exposed to mono, strep, covid, several strains of flu, and the common cold, and never even had so much as a cough. They eat a very healthy organic diet (they have sweets and processed food here and there). We detox often and see a chiropractor. I’m currently due with baby #3 and this time around I will be fighting to stay away from the vitamin k and eye goop (the other two had both).

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