Vaccine Ingredients

Here is the full list of ingredients in vaccines…Go to this website

Here are some of the ingredients they include:

  • Human serum, baculovirus and cellular DNA, thimerosal (which is MERCERY)
  • Canine Kidney, alcohol, acetone, castor oil, other process chemical residuals
  • formaldehyde, host cell DNA, MRC-5 cellular proteins (from an ABORTED FETUS)
  • yeast protein, egg protien, bovine calf serum
  • WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts, ovalbumin (chicken egg whites)
  • chicken protein, FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye, porcine gelatin (made from pigs)
  • aluminum phosphate (vaccineingredients)

Most concerning would the parts used from aborted fetuses! If you are pro-life you should absolutely be enraged. Even if you are not pro-life this is gross and unacceptable!

If you are vegan you would not be able to get some of these vaccines either as they are made from shark, egg, cow, dog, human, chicken & pigs