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I grew up with all of my close family being either nurses or respiratory therapists. We believed, like so many do, that vaccines were 100% the right thing to do if you loved your children. As a result, my son went to every single well baby visit. His vaccines were all given on time until he was a year old.

He had suffered through the “normal” ear infections etc that “all” babies have. As it happened, he had one for his one-year visit. They delayed vaccinating him until his 18-month visit to allow time for him to get well and then caught him up in one visit.

He went through the “normal” light fever and crankiness. Then he seemed to be ok. 10 days later, he vomited one time and then collapsed completely unresponsive. Until this moment, he had been walking and even using complete sentences for months. We rushed him to the ER where they tested him for everything they could think of. They did a spinal tap that he did not have to be held down for. He went through a CT scan and an MRI without needing to be sedated. They found nothing wrong with my baby. Nothing showed up in any test besides “normal swelling in his brain that results from severe illness.”

Almost 2 weeks later he woke up, sat up in bed, and asked to eat and go play. I attribute his recovery 100% to prayer. We never received an actual diagnosis. When he was discharged I was told that, while it wasn’t a diagnosis, it sounded like Guillain Barre and not to pursue further vaccination.

When my second son was born, the doctors advised that I treat him like a well baby. I was told that what happened to my first son was a “fluke” and so rare that I shouldn’t expect it to happen again. These issues don’t run in families.

So, I took my baby to every single well baby visit. He had all of his vaccinations on time. And at his one year check up, he began swelling within 5 minutes. He became so swollen that he could no longer open his eyes or walk. I rushed him back to the doctor. She was concerned enough to look at him and tell me that the swelling wasn’t interfering with his breathing yet. Just take him home and give him benadryl. It was 12 days before the swelling subsided. I was up around the clock with him checking vitals and relying on my family to help me make sure that my baby didn’t die. The doctors weren’t going to help.

Fast forward to my boys being 22 and 16. My 22 year old has severe asthma, is always sickly, has crippling anxiety, and is basically not functional outside of my house.

My 16 year old is legally blind in his left eye as a result of the swelling.

I also have a 12-year-old son and a 10 year old daughter. Both are vaccine free. Both are happy and healthy. I have only had 3 ear infections and 1 round of strep between the 2 of them, which we treated naturally.

I have since learned how many autoimmune disorders are caused by vaccination. And, that vaccine are not recommended for people who have a family history of autoimmune disease. I have multiple as do most people in my extended family.

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