Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated? Do we have any studies?

My first question when it comes to the scientific information concerning vaccines would be where are all the placebo and control group studies? Where are all the studies comparing the vaccinated to unvaccinated children? We should have a lot that show vaccinated and unvaccinated are just as healthy right? Or we would actually assume that vaccinated should be more healthy maybe? Well you will be really surprised, keep reading.

Normally when testing out a new drug there is a placebo group. A group of people that do not receive the treatment, so that as the researcher you can compare people who got the treatment or drug vs those who didn’t.

So my question simply is where are ALL those studies comparing the thousands of unvaccinated to thousands of vaccinated?

Here is one study that I found comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. The results are very interesting. I encourage you to check this article out for yourself but here are a few summarizations.

Unvaccinated were more likely to have chicken pox and whopping cough. This makes sense, but what is the trade off? It is interesting to note as well, although these numbers are lower in the vaccinated group they still got chicken pox and whopping cough if they were vaccinated, just to a lower extent.

The following data is straight from the above study

Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated Who Got:

  • “Chicken pox (Unvaccinated 25.3% vs. Vaccinated 7.9%)
  • Whopping cough (Pertussis) (8.4% vs. 2.5%)”

Vaccinated were more likely than unvaccinated to have:

  • “Allergic Rhinitis (Vaccinated 10.4% vs. Unvaccinated 0.4%)
  • Allergies (22.2% vs. 6.9%)
  • Eczema/ atopic dermatitis (9.5% vs. 3.6%)
  • Learning disability (5.7% vs. 1.2%)
  • ADHD (4.7% vs. 1.0%)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD (4.7% vs. 1.0%)
  • Neuro-developmental disorder (i.e., learning disability, ADHD or ASD) (10.5% vs. 3.1%)
  • Any chronic illness (44.0% vs. 25.0%)”

So there is a trade off here clearly, and it seems to be a pretty significant one to say the least.

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