Did Vaccines Eradicate Disease? Or were diseases already on the decline before vaccination?

This is a common question and rightly so what about vaccines eradicating diseases? Didn’t vaccines eradicate or at least lower measles, polio, pertussis etc…??? At least this is what we are lead to believe right? Vaccines are praised as one of the greatest advances in medical history….Let’s look into that a bit.

It is something I definitely needed to research to learn more about. These Disease Graphs will help give you an understanding that many of these diseases were already on the decline before the vaccine came out.

Checkout this article How Plumbing (not vaccines) Eradicated Disease, It states, “Smallpox continued to infect Europe‚Äôs population until plumbing infrastructure became commonplace. Although, sanitation ended this disease, the smallpox vaccine takes the credit.”

There are other diseases that naturally went away too without a vaccine due to better social living conditions including cleaner water, sanitation, less crowded living spaces, plumping, hand washing etc. Think about rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, scurvy, tuberculosis in the US. If deaths from these diseases decreased without vaccine use, maybe some of the other diseases like polio, measles, pertussis etc also could have decreased for the same reasons unrelated to vaccination also? It is a valid question and I encourage you to dig deeper.

If you would like to learn more I encourage you to read the book Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries MD. It is fantastic and shows that diseases were on the decline before the vaccines came out and explains the history of vaccination.

“The most widespread and lethal disease in the last 200 years were reduced due to cleaner drinking water, improved sanitation, nutrition, less overcrowded areas and better living conditions. Vaccines were introduced at the point where every single disease was already declining. To give vaccines credit for global reductions in disease is like giving a band-aid credit for healing a wound that was already closing.” — Dr. Dave Mihalovic

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