Want more info on Aluminum?

Here is a video of Professor Chris Exley, a Biologist with a PhD in the ecotoxicology of aluminum.  Check it out to see how aluminum given to fish made them exhibit behavioral characteristics similar to autism. See how aluminum is found in the brains of autistic children as well as in the brains of people with Alzheimers. He even says no aluminum=no Alzheimers, fascinating.

“At the serious end of the systemic toxicity spectrum is the potential for rare immunological toxicities resulting from aberrant immune activation driven by the adjuvant. This includes problems such as immune bias—for example, the eosinophilia, allergic reactions and anaphylaxis caused by Th2 bias imparted by aluminium adjuvants [14]. It also includes the potential for adjuvants to induce chronic immune activation and inflammation that does not settle post-immunization. An example would be the syndrome of MMF, whereby long-lasting tissue depots of an aluminium adjuvant have been linked to symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome [15], although, as discussed later, this association has been questioned by bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) [16]. Finally, there is the risk that an adjuvant may either act as the trigger or increase the likelihood of a vaccine causing an autoimmune disease.” (Nih, Comparative Safety of Vaccine Adjuvants: A Summary of Current Evidence and Future Needs)

Where does aluminum go after being injected?

“Aluminium adjuvants, typically referred to as ‘alum’, are the most commonly used adjuvants in human and animal vaccines worldwide, yet the mechanism underlying the stimulation of the immune system by alum remains unknown” (https://www.nature.com/articles/nature06939) So how can all these people claim aluminum in vaccines is safe? My last post covered the misconception it is safe based on the fact we eat aluminum every day. Check out The difference between injected and ingested aluminum.

Could aluminum cause autoimmunity and brain inflammation?

Could Aluminum and Alzheimers have a link? Extremely High Aluminum Levels Found in Brains of Familial Alzheimer’s Patients

Are there negative CNS impacts of aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines and immunotherapy? From the article above, “In spite of a common view that aluminum (Al) salts are inert and therefore harmless as vaccine adjuvants or in immunotherapy, the reality is quite different” (pubmed.com)

“A hot topic in the current debate is that aluminium is introduced into the body by vaccines. In the US 0.85, and in cases of documented efficacy up to 1.25 mg per single vaccine shot are recommended [>63], in Europe up to 1.25 mg [>4]. For instance, vaccination patient information platforms put this amount in relation to 4.4 mg derived from vaccines during the same time slot in a baby’s life [>64]. In SCIT with up to 54 injections during the whole course the accumulating dose may vary between 45 and 67,5 mg of aluminium [>53].

Upon injection, in the tissues all possible forms of aluminium, including ions, soluble aluminium, particulate forms, alone or bound to antigen or tissue compounds can be found [>44]. The injected AlADJ releases the biologically active form Al3+ and aluminate (Al(OH)4) ions, which may react with water and finally lead to Al superoxide production [>65]. However, most of the injected aluminium will be phagocytized and thereby activate cells that recruit even more inflammatory cells. Due to a high binding affinity with iron, aluminium intracellularly can deplete the mitochondria from Fe and lead to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Aluminium can induce DNA damage through ROS and has an apoptotic effect. This has been shown for peripheral lymphocytes, which are susceptible especially in the G0/G1 phase of the cell cycle [>66]. However, the amount of soluble Al locally after a vaccine injection may be insufficient to induce cell death [>44]. It might be considered that aluminium-containing vaccines expose children in an age when both, immune function and brain development are sensitive [>67].” (Aluminium in Allergies and Allergen immunotherapy)

So clearly there needs to be more studies about aluminum and the safely of them in vaccines. So far they seem pretty unsafe….


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