Vaxxed II The People’s Truth

Here is the trailer if you only have 2 minutes.

I encourage you to watch the full movie. It is worth the hour and a half of your time and I guarantee you will learn a lot!

Go order yourself a copy today. Checkout the Vaxxed II website.

This is the peoples’ truth! Thousands of parents from around the country share their gut wrenching stories of the injuries their child received from vaccines or the death of their child. People also share their personal injuries and how their life became disastrous and forever changed after the Gardasil vaccine.

This takes it a step further and interviews many parents of unvaccinated children. It shows contrary to what you may think, by far the unvaccinated population of children are much healthier! The unvaccinated rarely need to go to the doctor, rarely need antibiotics and rarely get ear infections just to name a few.

Watch this to see these testimonies and doctors yourself so you can make your own decision…..

P.S. I bulk ordered this video to spread awareness of vaccine injury. Drop a comment if you want me to send you a hard copy DVD for free.

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