Zachary’s Story

My son Zachary, was vaccine injured at his 6 and 12 months vaccinations. He went from exceeding milestones to being vaccine induced brain damaged and officially diagnosed with severe autism, sensory processing disorder, non-verbal with aggressive behavior and insomnia.

We watched the damage happen almost instantly and I started researching! I wish I had known sooner, I wouldn’t have to mourn the son I had.

pHARMa destroyed my perfectly healthy and neurotypical son and gave me back an empty shell of a boy who couldn’t even stand to be touched or make eye contact.

Today, my son is 5 years old and can say a couple words, makes eye contact, and even has his own little personality. Every day is a challenge and some days we wonder how we will do this forever, or who will take care of him when we pass from the earth, but every day I see his precious face I’m reminded how much I need him just as much as he needs me.

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