Holistic Mom/Nurse’s Story

Luke right after he was born.

This is my personal story.

Luke was born on October 18 at 11pm. Thankfully I had already researched vaccines and I knew we did not need the Hep B vaccine so we declined it. The erythromycin eye ointment we also declined. I didn’t think to research the vitamin K shot though. I mean why would I it was just a vitamin right to help prevent them from bleeding right? WRONG!!!

He was perfect when he was born. So peaceful and strong, even lifted his head up to look at his dad. He laid there like a perfect angel calm, beautiful and peaceful. He was given the vitamin K shot. Because I hadn’t thought to research that and I had no idea there could be a risk. I especially didn’t know death could be a side effect from the vitamin K shot, probably most people don’t know that.

It was only a few hours after getting the vitamin K shot. Maybe around 3am or so the nurse’s aid came in and took his vitals. Luke was in respiratory distress, his breathing was elevated at 90 breaths per minute. (Normal is 30-60 and even down to 20 breaths per minute for a sleeping newborn.)

He was admitted into the NICU for respiratory distress. His CRP (C Reactive Protein) which is a blood test to measure for inflammation in the body was elevated.

They kept him in the NICU
They did a chest X-Ray
They did lots of blood work
They monitored his heart, and his pulse oxygenation. 
They had to stick him many times to try to get an IV started for him
They gave him multiple doses of heavy antibiotics
including Gentimicin IV and another antibiotic IV
alternating every 4 hours, multiple doses.
He was hooked up to wires and monitored around the clock.
For 5 days he was in the NICU

Poor Luke, I am pretty sure he had an adverse reaction to the Vitamin K injection. I didn’t even know it at the time. I put the pieces together years later. Now I know the risks for the Vitamin K injection. You would never know unless you read the insert and did research on it yourself. Here is straight from the insert. Read closely where it says, “FATALITIES HAVE BEEN REPORTED FOLLOWING INTRAMUSCULAR ADMINISTRATION”

Fatalities = death and intramuscular means = IM injection every child gets at birth in the US, (unless you specifically state otherwise.) Did anyone warn me the vitamin K injection could have killed my baby!!!! NO. I am a RN and I didn’t know this.


For my next daughter Mia, we had a midwife birth and were pressured into doing the Vitamin K injection as well. We refused it. She did not go into respiratory distress and was not in the NICU.

After the NICU, Luke recovered thankfully. I gave him multiple probiotics for a year to help heal his gut issues that had been messed up from the antibiotics he received in the NICU.

Both of my children are extremely healthy today and 100% vaccine free. We are very confident in our decision! Luke and Mia so far have never had to go to the doctor for getting sick, not even for an ear infection! When they do get something, usually they are over it quicker than when my husband or I get it and without needing any medicine. They have strong immune systems.

I am very grateful and thank God that they are healthy and we don’t have to play Russian Roulette if we had decided to vaccinate them and worry each time if they would get skin issues, eczema, seizures, gut issues, behavioral issues, the disease the vaccine is suppose to prevent against, encephalitis, paralysis, high fever, inconsolable crying, food allergies, regression of skills, loss of language, even regressive autism or death…..

RESEARCH BEFORE YOU VACCINATE! And research before you give your child the vitamin K injection too. Know the risks of both sides: getting an intervention and not getting it. Analyze both the risks and benefits to make the best decision for your family whether it be vitamin k, vaccines, or any medical intervention.

So often we are warned of the risks of NOT vaccinating, but when was the last time you were warned of the risks FROM vaccinating!?!?

Be informed to make a truly informed decision. Only you can decide what is the best decision for your family!

God Bless!

Shared By: Holistic Mom/Nurse, Kathryn RN, BSN

P.S. Did you know, in some other countries the vitamin K is not given routinely to newborns, and there is also oral vitamin k in the US.

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