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My son was born on 9/30/19, he passed all his newborn screening, he scored an Apgar score of 8-9 out of 10. It was soon after the nurse asked me if I wanted to allow my son the Hep b vaccine, she gave me the form to read and sign, whether I would decline or not. I wish I knew things, I wish I could turn back time and did more research about vaccines. I remember thinking vaccines are to protect against diseases, all I knew and heard, I decided to let them give my son the hepatitis B vaccine.

It was about 1 hour after the vaccine shot, I notice my son having breathing problems, he kept holding his breath for a few seconds and then he would breathe again, he continue to hold his breath maybe 2-3 more times. 

Finally I asked the nurse if this was normal, while I held my son in my arms. She didn’t even look at my son, she only said yes sometimes newborns need get all that nasty secretions out that are inside their chest. I’m like yes, I believe so.

A few minutes after, my son held his breath again, now it was longer, and his lips were turning blue. We got the nurse’s attention right away, then the nurse decided to take my son to the nursery to be hooked up to monitor.

As soon as they hooked up the oxygen pulse, my son oxygen was only 44%, and his heart rate was so low as well. Now he was starting to have seizures as well. He would stiffen his whole body and roll his eyes to the side. My son was rushed to the NICU immediately, they started him on phenobarbital, and keppra, he was continuously having seizures, on the EGG.

My son had to be sedated to stop the seizures with an IV drip of Versed. Even while he was sedated he continued to have seizures. My son was tested for infections, did lots of blood work for genetic reasons, all normal.

There was some genetic test that took weeks to come back, all normal as well. My son also received an MRI the next day that show he also suffered a stroke. He was immediately treated with blood thinner as well.

Life was a nightmare, I felt like I was in a very bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. My son was in the NICU for 21 days and discharge w/3 seizure medications & a blood thinner injection.

Life has been hard, in and out of hospitals, due to the seizures. I then started to do my research, on vaccines, that’s when I discovered pages on FB about educating and vaccine injury stories. If only I could turn back time…I told my son’s pediatrician that I believe it was the Hep b, but she said it can’t be.

So I just let it go and declined all vaccines. My son is globally development delayed & cognitive and he also has cortical vision impairment, he is going thru therapy weekly. His seizures are finally under controlled w/the use of cbd oil.

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