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I had been vaccine free until I was 16. At age 16 I become vaccine injured after getting all my vaccines. I had been a totally healthy child/teen before getting all vaccines so I could finally “be normal and go to school” (that’s what my teen self thought).

Afterwards I started having asthma attacks within months of my vaccines, I get sick now even if it’s small and it last forever and I can’t shake it, I have allergies that I never had before.

I had been a healthy 16 years old and now sick all the time. Years later I was given the Flu and DTaP Vaccine at 34/35 weeks pregnant. It stopped my daughter from moving or growing. She had been on track before the vaccines. We did a stress test and ultrasound and No movement was shown.

I had a C-section that night. 5lbs 3oz

She was given the Vitamin K shot, (which has a black box warning that I was not told of till later) & Hep B Vaccine within less than an hour of her birth. She lost more than 10 percent of her body weight dropping to 4lbs 8oz and was failure to thrive.  Thank GOD for the power of breast milk.

For the next 2/3 months I would breastfeed every hour and then pump and syringe feed her the milk I pumped. Round the clock 24/7 for 3 months.

She never has been given another vaccine. She is now almost 7 healthy and thriving. I almost lost her then because I didn’t trust my gut and do my research. Thankfully my daughter lived.

But I have way to many friends that have lost baby’s while pregnant or after birth to vaccines.

Vaccines injury and Death are REAL Not Rare!

Edited to add: It took me a few years and tons more research before I was able to put all the pieces together about my injury and my daughters. I am happy to say I now have an almost 1 year old son that is totally totally vax free. I told them NO to flu & DTaP vaccine while pregnant this time around and we said No to eye ointment, the Vitamin K & HepB at hospital. And to all other vaccines since.

He is healthy and almost 1 years old.

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