Why CDC Workers Wear a Mask

If you watch this video, I found it interesting that not a single one of them say they wear a mask to protect themselves. They are all saying they wear it for other people. Have you thought about that recently?

Why aren’t people who want to protect themselves wearing a mask? Why are people only wearing it for others? When did we all of a sudden no longer become responsible for our own health but believe that we are responsible for everyone else’s health and others need to protect us?! If you are trying to be considerate of other people’ health, stay home if you are sick!

I am all for people wearing a mask if they want to, but why do we force something without sufficient evidence it makes much of a difference? And that is without even mentioning the negative side effects of masks…

I think the government is suppose to protect our freedoms, we are suppose to make decisions about protecting our health.

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