Brianna’s Story

His seizures started after his 4mo set of vaccines, which he was actually given at 5 months because he was sick at 4mo

He was sick a lot his first 7 months of life while following the CDC’s vaccination schedule. After the seizures we never got another vaccine and he is a healthy 4 year old today. I know how lucky we were.

The seizures lasted for 2 months. The drugs the neurologist gave him did not stop the seizures and there was little else they had to offer us other than a high-risk brain surgery later on down the road. After just a week of seeing these seizures I was desperate. I was not willing to just ‘wait and see.’ My desperation basically lead me to look into an alternative treatment… and I never looked back.

I use to work for a Chiropractor for a little while so I first turned to him. Then I started looking up vaccine reactions online, which amazingly lead me to the stop mandatory vaccination group on Facebook (that probably wouldn’t happen today). I read through hundreds of vaccine injury stories and shared mine hoping for some helpful advice. And boy did I get some.

Thousands of comments. I read through every single one and decided to try anything that was repeated most often. We got adjusted 3x a week, we did detox baths and we saw a naturopath who gave us supplements that helped the bodies natural ‘detox system’ work more efficiently.

3 weeks after starting all that the seizures stopped. He’s never had another and now that he doesn’t get vaccines he never really gets sick

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